North Oxon FTC assists Junior members of the club to achieve their Bronze or Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award in the 'skill' category, Gerry Holloway (Chairman of the club and Assessor for the DofE programmes) and Martha Jones (Club committee member) create a programme of activities to improve skills which also demonstrates an improvement of effort, perseverance, confidence and social skills. 


The Bronze and Silver programmes have a core skill outline, which allows goals to be added or changed to suit the individual. The goals are finalised with the junior member and a timeline is set in which to achieve all of the goals. Each goal is documented with a explanation of what the goal should achieve and measures are also documented so that progress can be tracked closely. Each goal contains an assessors report which is completed by Gerry and Martha. DofE participants would usually attend the club every Sunday, for approximately 3 hours (which is flexible) and are almost constantly monitored by the Assessor. 

We currently have 3 Junior members in the scheme, 2 Bronze and 1 Silver (2 Bronzes have been completed).

Please note we can only support DofE award skills for those aged between 14 and 25