1. The Club shall be known as North Oxon Field Target Club, hereby known as ‘The Club’.
  2. The Club’s aims and objectives shall be:
    1. To support, promote and encourage all aspects of airgun target shooting.
    2. To support, promote and encourage the safe use of legal air weapons and to support, represent and safeguard the interests of its members in all matters concerned with air weapons’ sport. Members shall, at all times, actively support these aims.
    3. To affiliate to the Central Southern Field Target Association and to adopt their competition rules, safety and disciplinary codes and to any other national or international bodies whose aims coincide closely with those of the association
  3. Membership:
    1. The Club shall be open to anyone interested in actively supporting the sport of airgun target shooting and taking part therein. It shall however, be at the discretion of the Committee to accept or decline applications for membership, their decision being final
    2. There shall be three classes of Club member, namely junior (minimum age of 10 years, subject to ability), adult and concessions. Under 18 year olds will be classed as juniors, whilst 18-64 year olds will be classed as adults. Members aged 65 and over will be classed as concessions However, at shoots graded by the British Field Target Association, their own grading system will apply.
    3. Every member, visitor or guest shall be bound by any rules or regulations of both the club and any official governing body to which the Club is at any time affiliated, and by all relevant statutes or other instruments of law which may be in force. The Club and the members of the Management Committee shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage arising as a result of any breach or non-observance thereof by any member, visitor or guest. 
  4. Committee:
    1. The Club’s Committee shall consist of a minimum of six fully paid-up members, each of whom shall have one vote to cast. No proxy votes are permitted. The Committee shall meet as and when necessary subject to seven days notice being given of such meetings.
    2. The Club shall elect, at the AGM, four ‘Officers’ from the Committee – a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. In the event of a tied vote at meetings, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. These Officers shall serve for one year and will be subject to annual election/re-election. In the event of an officer having to resign through ill health, business or other reasons, the Committee shall elect from themselves, another to serve in the post until the next AGM.
    3. All monies received on behalf of The Club shall be paid into a bank or building society account. All cheques/withdrawals being signed by two elected Officers.
    4. The Committee shall, on proof to its satisfaction and with absolute discretion, have the power to expel any member whose conduct, whether by act or omission, it considers being contrary to the aims and objectives of The Club or the sport of air weapon shooting. The Club will not be liable to refund any part of the annual subscription to the member concerned in such circumstances.
    5. The Club’s year shall commence on the 1st March and end 12 months hence on the last day of February. The Club’s AGM shall be held within 3 months (i.e. before the end of May) and the Secretary shall give two weeks notice, in writing, to all Club members of the date, time and venue, together with the full agenda.
    6. The Committee shall conduct no business unless a quorum is formed and this must include at least one of the elected Officers. A quorum shall consist of at least five of the elected Committee.
    7. When requested by at least one third of the fully paid-up members, the Secretary shall call for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of The Club, subject to at least seven days written notice giving date, time and venue and an explanation for the purpose of such a meeting.
    8. The Chairman shall also have the power to call an EGM subject to the conditions set out as previously in regarding notice.
    9. Amendments or additions to the Constitution or Rules can only be valid if they receive a majority acceptance of the members attending either an AGM or an EGM of The Club.
    10. The members of the Committee are hereby indemnified by the Club in respect of:
    11. any liability reasonably and properly incurred by them on behalf of the Club; and
    12. all claims which may be made against them as a result of any death, injury, disability or damage to property arising from the Club’s activities on the Club’s property or on any other property or elsewhere 
  5. Funding:
    1. The Club shall raise a levy or subscription from each member to cover the costs of running The Club, the fees payable to national bodies and appropriate insurance. These fees are to be reviewed annually by the Committee.
    2. In the event of The Club being wound-up, all the assets shall be converted into cash. They shall not belong to any member but shall be distributed to a charity or organisation as shall be decided upon by the fully paid-up members of The Club. Any sponsored equipment shall remain the property of the sponsor


Updated: 07/04/2015