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BFTA Euros 2015
23/09/2015 20:36 | Oz
2015 GP 5 (SEFTA)
06/07/2015 09:30 | Mike Spraggett
2015 GP3 (CSFTA)
01/06/2015 12:20 | Mike Spraggett
2015 GP2 (NWEFTA)
15/05/2015 10:36 | Mike Spraggett
2015 GP1 (SWEFTA)
29/04/2015 20:21 | Mike Spraggett

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BFTA Euros 2015

The alarm went off at five thirty and after thirty seconds or so of blind panic trying to find the clock before it woke the rest of the house I remembered, Euros weekend had just begun.

Coordinates plugged into the wife’s sat nav I downed the first of far too many weekend coffees and stepped out into a the fog. Fog! Bugger that wasn’t part of the plan – that should add a bit of interest to the motorway journey ahead. The trip was uneventful until I dropped off the motorway onto the A54 and started to follow the signs to the show. Logic dictates if the sign says ‘shooters’ and has a big pointy arrow on it then following it might be a good idea. That would be far too simple as After winding my way through a few miles of country back roads I pull into the carpark with the other ‘shooters’. At this point the lack of camo and ‘badger jackets’ is beginning to cause a little concern. A quick call to Mike tells me that I am at the wrong end of the show – b****cks. This is followed by twenty minutes of driving randomly round the show trying to avoid running over tweedy clad numpties who seem to think walking down the middle of the road is some form or gentry privilege. Eventually, with yet more assistance from Mr Spraggett I find the BFTA car park and take my place among the cream of the UK air gunning fraternity (plus me, Mike and Josh :)). At this point Mike informs Josh and I that he has a present for each of us. Five minutes later we are both wearing our new presents, North Oxon ‘Euros 2015’ baseball caps adorned with the words ‘Baby Badger’ for Josh and ‘Musty Badger’ for me in honour of our newly acquired shooting jackets –cheers mate!

2015 GP 5 (SEFTA)

Jul 06 2015

Well there was certainly a little rain for the poor old AM shooters at ETL for GP 5 of the 2015 season! My day started at 4am as I was giving another shooter a lift to the GP and on the way I was thinking to myself, "Great, we have a really nice day here! Clear skies, no rain. I may actually put in a good score today!" 

We arrived a little before 8 and had a chance to get a coffee and a decent bit of pre comp practice on the plinking range. Back at the briefing area whilst supping on the last of my coffee I felt the first few drops of rain hit my head! Not to worry though its only a little shower! How wrong was I! From 8:55 until about midday we had torrents, despite wearing my "waterproof" jacket I was soaked through. As a small consolation for the shooters behind me my trackie bottoms were absorbing most of the ground water!

The course was another well thought out affair and what it lacked perhaps in range it more than made up for with tricky standers and interesting reducers! I faired well over the day and put in a PB of 38 (I'm sure it would have been 39 if Tony was not stood behind me on the last lane!) and this was ....

2015 GP3 (CSFTA)

Jun 01 2015

So it was our turn to host a GP and it's no small task I can tell you! Climbing up towers (Not me though ;-)), climbing up trees (Me this time) and generally doing a hell of a lot of walking! 

The weekend started spectacularly when I arrived early to open the container at our usual ground to discover I had forgotten the key, so back home I went to get the damn thing and when I arrived back another member had shown up with theirs and were busy loading the van. Not being one to get in the way (or work too hard) I decided to take the tea and coffee and make sure the others had a hot drink when they arrived at Weston Woods, long story short I got lost and arrived as they did so a great start thus far!

We managed to make fairly good progress for about the first hour or two and then discovered that we would be setting up whilst an unexpected hen party doing a clay shoot essentially closed down half of the woods for us. At this point I think we were getting a little concerned that we may not actually get the course set up in time for Sunday, not to worry though we used the time constructively to eat Sausage rolls and yumyums :-)

Once we were clear to get back on course at about 2pm we made great progress and managed to get finished at 6pm despite running out of paint with 2 lanes left to go! I wore a pedometer and I walked 9.5 miles setting up the course and I have got to say I am thrilled we don't have any hills here as I could barely feel my legs at the end of the day.

2015 GP2 (NWEFTA)

May 15 2015

For the second GP of the season we went to Tawd Vale FTC to what felt like the centre of a wind turbine! On lane one I managed a kill on a 50 yard target after giving 12" to the left! A crazy day in terms of wind although towards the last 30 minutes of the PM session the wind dropped enough to let me miss 4 on the trot with absolutely no excuses!

Not so well attended today by NOFTC but the C grade (Or soon to be C grade shooters!) braved the long drive up the M6 to what we down here would consider the distant north! 

I think its fair to say we all suffered at the hands of this course with Josh and Tony shooting 14 a piece and myself with a 26,this will sadly reflect in our standings in the GP season so far not helped by a brilliant performance from Keith Gilyard (NEFTA) & Dan Eley (SEFTA) both scoring 41 in the PM session!!

One highlight from the day was one of my shooting partners being a NRSA standing coach! Got some good tips that hopefully will help me with my abysmal silhouette shooting performance (Only 6 at this round although I did beat Martin Calpin again so not all is lost :-))

Next GP is the North Oxon GP so we have some planning to do before the 31st!

2015 GP1 (SWEFTA)

Apr 29 2015

The 2015/16 GP season started in style at the Avon Hawks club ground. It was a terrifically well thought out course with the added complication of a swirling wind thrown in which I think caught out nearly every shooter on the course!

The North Oxon contingent was 6 shooters strong (7 if we include our "responsible adult" Trisha) and our Junior team member Josh managing to pick up a junior trophy in his first ever GP!

For two of our members this was their first experience of GP competition and they both thoroughly enjoyed the day and will come back for GP 2 with a bit more confidence and I suspect they hope a higher score!!

Overall we were well represented for the first GP of the series and hopefully we can work on earning some silverware at the end of the season. Currently we have one team member in the top 20 of the hotly contested A grade and one in the top 10 of C grade.