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BFTA Euros 2015
23/09/2015 20:36 | Oz

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BFTA Euros 2015

The alarm went off at five thirty and after thirty seconds or so of blind panic trying to find the clock before it woke the rest of the house I remembered, Euros weekend had just begun.

Coordinates plugged into the wife’s sat nav I downed the first of far too many weekend coffees and stepped out into a the fog. Fog! Bugger that wasn’t part of the plan – that should add a bit of interest to the motorway journey ahead. The trip was uneventful until I dropped off the motorway onto the A54 and started to follow the signs to the show. Logic dictates if the sign says ‘shooters’ and has a big pointy arrow on it then following it might be a good idea. That would be far too simple as After winding my way through a few miles of country back roads I pull into the carpark with the other ‘shooters’. At this point the lack of camo and ‘badger jackets’ is beginning to cause a little concern. A quick call to Mike tells me that I am at the wrong end of the show – b****cks. This is followed by twenty minutes of driving randomly round the show trying to avoid running over tweedy clad numpties who seem to think walking down the middle of the road is some form or gentry privilege. Eventually, with yet more assistance from Mr Spraggett I find the BFTA car park and take my place among the cream of the UK air gunning fraternity (plus me, Mike and Josh :)). At this point Mike informs Josh and I that he has a present for each of us. Five minutes later we are both wearing our new presents, North Oxon ‘Euros 2015’ baseball caps adorned with the words ‘Baby Badger’ for Josh and ‘Musty Badger’ for me in honour of our newly acquired shooting jackets –cheers mate!