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HFT - What are the differences to other rifle sports?

Hunter Field Target (HFT) is another very popular outdoor shooting sport. There are more than one set of Rules but the following demonstrates some of the key elements.

Targets are “knockdown”, reset by a string and the shooter scores 2 if the inner “kill zone” is hit and the target falls back but 1 point if the inner zone is missed but the pellet hits any part of the “plate”. 0 points are given if the pellet misses entirely and heads for the forest backstop. The equipment is typically straightforward (and normal hunting or vermin control gear), a rifle (PCP or Piston), a scope, a glove and all-weather clothing. Additional items some find a benefit from include a shooting mat, pellet box or pouch and a calibration card (distances and reticle indcators). The scope can be focused and set to a user’s preferred distance before the course commences but once started the scope cannot be touched. There are no windicators or spirit levels permitted. The butt of the rifle can touch the ground or any part of the rifle can rest against the target marker post or a tree. Any position is permitted  except for sitting i.e. prone, kneeling, standing. The shooter must maintain contact with the target peg (or marker post) while firing but this can be with the hand, rifle, foot, lower back, etc. Failure to maintain contact results in a 0. E.g.