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Pistol Competitions
25/04/2015 17:22 | Neil

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Pistol Competitions

Apr 25 2015

Pistol shooting has rapidly become one of the more popular forms of shooting for fun and there is tremendous popularity for competition. There are 2 distinct types of sighting and 2 distinct forms of competition so 4 sets of results!

Pistol targets are either paper set out at 10metres or knockdowns anywhere between 8yds and 25yds, the much lower energy of a pistol requires dedicated targets and even when hit there are groans as the shooter’s pistol doesn’t have quite enough energy in the pellet to knock it down. Scores are like HFT; 2 points for a knockdown, 1 for a plate and the 0 for a miss.


There are 2 common sighting systems, Open and "Red Dot" Scopes.