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Sporting FT at GP3
01/06/2015 13:26 | Lady Martha Jones

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Sporting FT at GP3

It’s been a long time since I shot a GP, actually it’s been two years since I shot anything at all with my rifle, so I decided to dust it off and shoot the GP at North Oxon’s other venue, Weston Woods.  Once I had registered to shoot on the BFTA website, I looked at the weather forecast and a couple of thoughts came to me frequently between registering and turning up at the event - a) What was I thinking and b) I really don’t fancy shooting in the rain. But, ever the optimist, I went to the North Oxon FTC range on Saturday to see if I still remembered how to load the rifle and point it the right way – and to check the zero.  It was a lovely afternoon at the range and the rifle seemed to be unaffected by its 2 year stint in stasis.

There were quite a few spectators at this lane, trying to get some hints and tips before they shot it, or staring in awe as it was successfully conquered. It’s a hard angle to hold the rifle at too; you’re sitting on the ground, holding a rifle at what feels like 65 degrees, shooting the wings off a fly at the top of a skyscraper in another county. Two lanes use the tower, there are 3 targets attached to it; the lane in the picture has two targets on it and the next lane has 1 on the tower and one in the bushes on the far side of the lake. By some miracle I got two of the tower targets (my Zen had kicked in by then – well it was either that or the medicinal toffee crisp I had before the previous lane) and I got a little cheer from the gathered group who were watching. With my confidence semi restored, we headed on throughout the course. There was a forced stander up a scaffold tower; this one had my Zen evaporating instantly – I am not a big fan of heights and the stairs up to the tower were see through (eeek) and the whole structure felt a bit wobbly – once I got up there, there’s nothing to hold on to or learn against as the forced standing shot has to be unsupported.  One target was out in the field and the 2nd was right below me, so another sharp angle, and for me, an uncomfortable lane.  Once we had finished on the scaffold tower lane, we were back on terra firma and a nice, bog standard FT lane…