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2015 GP1 (SWEFTA)
29/04/2015 20:21 | Mike Spraggett

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2015 GP1 (SWEFTA)

Apr 29 2015

The 2015/16 GP season started in style at the Avon Hawks club ground. It was a terrifically well thought out course with the added complication of a swirling wind thrown in which I think caught out nearly every shooter on the course!

The North Oxon contingent was 6 shooters strong (7 if we include our "responsible adult" Trisha) and our Junior team member Josh managing to pick up a junior trophy in his first ever GP!

For two of our members this was their first experience of GP competition and they both thoroughly enjoyed the day and will come back for GP 2 with a bit more confidence and I suspect they hope a higher score!!

Overall we were well represented for the first GP of the series and hopefully we can work on earning some silverware at the end of the season. Currently we have one team member in the top 20 of the hotly contested A grade and one in the top 10 of C grade.