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2015 GP 5 (SEFTA)

Jul 06 2015

Well there was certainly a little rain for the poor old AM shooters at ETL for GP 5 of the 2015 season! My day started at 4am as I was giving another shooter a lift to the GP and on the way I was thinking to myself, "Great, we have a really nice day here! Clear skies, no rain. I may actually put in a good score today!" 

We arrived a little before 8 and had a chance to get a coffee and a decent bit of pre comp practice on the plinking range. Back at the briefing area whilst supping on the last of my coffee I felt the first few drops of rain hit my head! Not to worry though its only a little shower! How wrong was I! From 8:55 until about midday we had torrents, despite wearing my "waterproof" jacket I was soaked through. As a small consolation for the shooters behind me my trackie bottoms were absorbing most of the ground water!

The course was another well thought out affair and what it lacked perhaps in range it more than made up for with tricky standers and interesting reducers! I faired well over the day and put in a PB of 38 (I'm sure it would have been 39 if Tony was not stood behind me on the last lane!) and this was despite me having a fogged up scope and water logged clothing! There were a few who elected not to shoot when the rain started, presumably these were those that feared they melted in the rain and there was at least one who threw in the towel part way through.

Back at the scorers table I was keen to see if I had finally won one of the elusive trophies as I felt I had done enough to get second place in C grade if not first! Sadly it wasn't to be, there was a 42, 41 and a 39 put in on the day so sadly no chance of a mantelpiece decoration! 

The PM session started with no rain (GRUMP!!) but a small amount of wind and Simon Ayers went on to clear the course! 

Overall it was a good days shoot, I got a PB on the main shoot and went on to shoot a 13 on the silhouettes (Another PB) and Glenn showed all of us NOFTC shooters how to do it with a 48! Maybe he will put that silly boinger away now and play nicely with his PCP for the rest of the season!

Below are our club member standing in the 2015 season to date

Grade Grade Position First Name Surname Points Targets GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4 GP5
A 33 Clinton Bedding 273.42 131 61.2 83 65.2 64
A 50 Jonathan Osbourn 127.67 62 36.7 48.9 42
A 55 Glenn Newman 96 48 96
A 65 Neil Long 73.47 36 73.5
C 10 Mike Spraggett 274.93 129 65.3 63.4 70.2 76
C 15 Anthony Elderfield 215.36 100 34.1 72.3 60.9 48
C 20 Joshua Vaughan 182.55 84 40.8 34.1 51.1 56.5
C 34 Martha Jones 59.57 28 59.6
O 8 Neil Long 165.83 68 83.3 82.5
O 13 Clive Graham 59.52 25 59.5
O 14 Ronald Snaith 50 21 50
P 7 Glenn Newman 164.23 78 59.2 68.1 37
P 11 Heather Turner 59.57 28 59.6


Silhouettes (Still just me) 

Position First Name Surname Points Targets GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4 GP5
27 Mike Spraggett 212.92 40 47.4 33.3 60 72.2


No photos this time round as there was no chance my camera was coming out in tropical storm KillMyScore

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