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2015 GP2 (NWEFTA)

May 15 2015

For the second GP of the season we went to Tawd Vale FTC to what felt like the centre of a wind turbine! On lane one I managed a kill on a 50 yard target after giving 12" to the left! A crazy day in terms of wind although towards the last 30 minutes of the PM session the wind dropped enough to let me miss 4 on the trot with absolutely no excuses!

Not so well attended today by NOFTC but the C grade (Or soon to be C grade shooters!) braved the long drive up the M6 to what we down here would consider the distant north! 

I think its fair to say we all suffered at the hands of this course with Josh and Tony shooting 14 a piece and myself with a 26,this will sadly reflect in our standings in the GP season so far not helped by a brilliant performance from Keith Gilyard (NEFTA) & Dan Eley (SEFTA) both scoring 41 in the PM session!!

One highlight from the day was one of my shooting partners being a NRSA standing coach! Got some good tips that hopefully will help me with my abysmal silhouette shooting performance (Only 6 at this round although I did beat Martin Calpin again so not all is lost :-))

Next GP is the North Oxon GP so we have some planning to do before the 31st!

Current GP Positions for NOFTC are:

Grade Grade Position First Name Surname Points Targets GP1 GP2
A 37 Joshua Vaughan 74.96 34 40.8 34.1
A 39 Neil Long 73.47 36 73.5
A 49 Clinton Bedding 61.22 30 61.2
A 64 Jonathan Osbourn 36.73 18 36.7
C 4 Mike Spraggett 128.72 58 65.3 63.4
C 28 Anthony Elderfield 34.15 14 34.1
P 6 Glenn Newman 59.18 29 59.2

Also Silhouettes (I'm the only NOFTC member embarrassing themselves with this though!) 

Position First Name Surname Points Targets GP1 GP2
25 Mike Spraggett 80.7 15 47.4 33.3

Image courtesy of Martin Calpin (NEFTA)

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